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About Us

A Songwriters' Round makes for a great show as audiences truly get “up close and personal” with the song- writers! The classic format of a round has four songwriters on stage. One performs a song, followed by the next writer, and

the next, and so on. Each songwriter can join in with the others, add harmonies, contribute a guitar riff, or just listen. Writers talk about how and why they wrote the songs, and there are always lively stories and interaction between the writers.


We have performed Songwriter Rounds to sold out venues at The Bluebird Cafe and Douglas Corner Cafe (Nashville), The Bitter End and The Living Room (New York), Genghis Cohen, The Gardenia, Skinny’s Lounge, The Other Door (Los Angeles), as well as many other locations.


Our two regular performers are host Jane Bach, and Sandra Piller. Jane is a Grammy nominated, multiple-award-winning writer of hit recordings by Reba McEntire, Ray Price, Jo Dee Messina, Tammy Wynette, Collin Raye, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many others, as well as writing songs for TV. Bach’s “The Last One to Know” is still one of Reba McEntire’s biggest

selling singles. Jane is also a well-respected teacher of a songwriting workshop and author of a workbook for new songwriters.


Sandra is an award-winning singer/songwriter whose

recordings include “Days Like These” (written by Jane Bach

and Sean Kristopher), the title cut of her 2010 album, and

“Love Goes On” which she cowrote with Jane Bach, and is the title track of her most recent EP, dedicated to her late husband, Michael Piller.


Depending upon the budget, the other two performers can

also be well-known songwriters — or they can be songwriters who are local to the venue. With no band required, a Songwriters' Round is an ideal show for intimate settings.

Audiences enjoy these performances not only for the hit songs they recognize but also because they know they might be hearing a song that will become the next big thing!


Charles Esten

Charles Esten….

star of TV’s “Nashville”

Long before I joined the cast of "Nashville," it was Jane Bach who first introduced me to the concept of a "writers' round."  She invited me to join her and a couple of other great writers to play at a small restaurant in L.A.  As a writer and a lover of good music, I was immediately hooked.


There is an intimate, connected, and special quality to a good       round that can be found in no other type of performance.         Songwriters singing their songs with their friends. It sounds so    simple and yet, time and again, it's the source of great magic.

Our show "Nashville" has tried to capture that magic and introduce it to the world outside of Nashville. My friend Jane has long been using her talents and passion to do the same thing.






Kelly Fitzgerald

Kelly Fitzgerald…


One of my first experiences in a writers' round was with Jane Bach at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and what a great experience it was! Writers' rounds are unique. Unlike many live gigs where people aren’t necessarily there for the music, but rather to socialize or to have a drink, a writers' round is all about listening to the songs.

There’s a intimacy and inclusiveness in the room that you won’t find anywhere else. And in addition to the privilege of listening to original music performed by the writer, we all get to hear first hand the story behind each song.




Becky Hobbs….


(former RCA recording artist)

Becky Hobbs

Songwriter “in-the-rounds” are my favorite kind of gigs to play.  It's all about the most important thing in a billion dollar industry - the song!  Audiences love to hear how a song was written, and they identify with, and embrace any imperfections in the performance.                   

Jane Bach’s rounds are always fun, because she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she’s got the goods – the great songs!

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