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Hey Everybody!  Nashville is back...and better than ever.  Venues are open and rocking.  Music is in the air and everywhere.   Please note - we are only performing in venues where COVID protocols are followed.  

If you live in Nashville, or are planning on visiting, there are Writers' Rounds every night of the week.  If you are interested in playing in a Writers' Round, send us an MP3 of two of your best songs, and tell us something about yourself.  We are now getting ready to book rounds all over town.

And, if you are a songwriter who lives outside of Nashville and would like to perform in a Writers' Round in your neck of the woods, let us know.  Tell us where you live and a little something about yourself....along with an MP3 of two of your best songs.  We'd love to come and visit...spreading Nashville's best music around America.

Send your emails to:

Jane Bach in a songwriters' round at the Bluebird, Nashville, TN.


December 2021

9/ Nashville - The Bluebird Cafe


August 2021

21/ Nashville - The Commodore Grille

December 2020

18/ Live Stream

October 2020

16/ Live Stream

September 2020

4/ Live Stream

December 2019

6/ Nashville - The Commodore Grille

September 2019

5/ Nashville - The Bluebird

18 / Los Angeles - Genghis Cohen 

August 2019

7 / Nashville - The Listening Room

29 / Gardenia - Gardenia 

July 2019

6 / Balsam Mt., NC - The Grand Old Lady Hotel

13 / Los Angeles - Genghis Cohen

18 / Nashville - The Commodore

June 2019

13 / Los Angeles - Genghis Cohen


May 2019

3 / Hendersonville, TN - Someone's in the Kitchen

 23 / Nashville - The Commodore 

25 / Nashville - The Commodore 

April 2019

18 / Nashville -The Millenium Maxwell House

26 / Nashville - The Commodore

March 2019

8 / Nashville -The Commodore

27 / Nashville - The Commodore

February 2019

13 / Nashville - The Commodore


May 2017


Charles Esten
star of TV's "Nashville"

Long before I joined the cast of "Nashville," it was Jane Bach who first introduced me to the concept

of a "writers' round."

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One of my first experiences in a writers' round was with Jane Bach at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and what a great experience it was!

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(former RCA recording artist)


Songwriter “in-the-rounds”are my favorite kind of gigs to play.  It’s all about the most important thing in a billion dollar industry - the song! 

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